2013/14 NHL Playoff Predictions

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Moscow Red Army: ...with, they're still on their ELC. Jan 21, 2015 15:22:58 GMT -5
Gravol Datsyuk: Ahhhhh...thanks for the tip on the Numbers site Adam. And Alex said he thought this week's match-up is done on Sunday like normal, is that the case? I know, I know Ross "does it really matter??"...but just curious for transaction purposes. Jan 21, 2015 19:20:21 GMT -5 *
Caroline Kifekillers: Rentals still on the table. Send me some future cap and I'm game. Jan 21, 2015 20:44:02 GMT -5
Moscow Red Army: Ya, this is a short week game wise, but evryone is still entitled to 3 transactions up to Monday morning as per usual. Jan 21, 2015 21:33:10 GMT -5
Gravol Datsyuk: Thanks for the confirmation Commish Jan 21, 2015 21:48:34 GMT -5
Caroline Kifekillers: found an alternative capgeek http://www.spotrac.com/nhl/ Jan 21, 2015 22:28:15 GMT -5
Morweena Reimnoceri: Damn Doug...two weeks in a row...When's the fire sale? Jan 22, 2015 11:12:09 GMT -5
Gravol Datsyuk: Hope it works out for you Doug. Especially seeing as he's the only real prospect you have in your Minor system right now. Jan 26, 2015 23:22:49 GMT -5
Milwaukee Admirals: Max Domi sucks. You should trade him now while you can get value. He's a fringe NHLer at best. Jan 27, 2015 8:10:08 GMT -5 *
Oslo Mastodon: I heard Alexander Daigle is really good, as well Jan 27, 2015 13:04:31 GMT -5
Morweena Reimnoceri: Things are getting so heated...guess that's what happens when there is an All-Star break...yikes! Jan 27, 2015 14:44:01 GMT -5
Oslo Mastodon: why didnt they let him light the god damn stick on fire Jan 27, 2015 19:24:30 GMT -5
Finnish Flash: Gravol can't use 9 of his 10 draft picks this summer unless he releases ELC players. Remember when he offers you a trade: that player is clearly on his "get rid of" list & thus you can just wait until he releases him & get him for free. Don't bail him out. Jan 28, 2015 13:50:46 GMT -5
Gravol Datsyuk: Unfortunately, to yet again contradict Flash's insightful cause, Gravol doesn't have a "get rid of" list. I see a future for EVERY one of the players on my current roster and, as most of you know (Doug included) I'm not afraid of moving a coveted asset. Jan 28, 2015 20:43:43 GMT -5
Finnish Flash: In other words, I'm 100% right. Gravol is counting on you to bail him out by taking some of his "coveted assets" (aka players he no longer wants) in exchange for roster space that will allow him to draft players and/or sign free agents. Don't bail him out. Jan 28, 2015 20:58:12 GMT -5
Gravol Datsyuk: Holy fuk! Doug, if you need to hear you're right, fine...DOUG IS RIGHT!!! If you hadn't got me blacklisted from making moves I would've done that but now I'll just happily waste Draft Picks to prove you right, cool? You're better than this, aren't ya?? Jan 28, 2015 21:42:31 GMT -5
Gravol Datsyuk: I'm fine not making another move this year OR leading into the Draft. I'm open to it, as always, but don't NEED to. It's too bad Doug has taken this point of view actually cuz we used to be great trading partners until he became a chick. Jan 28, 2015 21:46:34 GMT -5
Gravol Datsyuk: Honestly, I was almost going to apologize to Doug about maybe pushing things a little too far with some necessary honesty but fuk that...carry on my wayward son...looking forward to seeing Quebec, Morweena or Milwaukee kick your ass in the playoffs. Jan 28, 2015 21:48:52 GMT -5
Moscow Red Army: Answer for Dubnyk auction: You can do a conditional EL Release on a bid. You CANNOT do a conditional BUYOUT on a TERM player. Jan 28, 2015 22:13:01 GMT -5
Morweena Reimnoceri: Gentlemen: Moulson, Eberle, Green are all stewing in my minors right now. If you're interested let me know. Jan 29, 2015 10:57:10 GMT -5
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