2013/14 NHL Playoff Predictions

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Caroline Kifekillers: ahhhh shit napped and missed my last transaction Oct 25, 2014 18:12:47 GMT -5
caroline: alright niemi, I need a miracle Oct 26, 2014 11:43:04 GMT -5
Finnish Flash: Does ANYONE want Lundqvist? Anyone? He can be had. You want to gamble that this Swedish piece of shit will find his game? Be my guest. The price just went down. Oct 27, 2014 19:33:07 GMT -5
Finnish Flash: Well hell, Bobrovsky is now on IR. I thank the three of you that contacted me about Lundqvist but with Bobrovsky on IR and Crawford still injured I cannot afford to part with the Swedish stiff just yet. Let's talk again in a couple of weeks. Oct 28, 2014 11:02:39 GMT -5
Caroline: crap left the wrong goalie on Oct 28, 2014 18:40:40 GMT -5
Caroline: nm all good\ Oct 28, 2014 19:16:57 GMT -5
Gravol Datsyuk: Well that'll be the last eff'in time I put Schneider in over Gibson - for the 2nd time fuk!!! Don't know how much of a difference it'll make come Sunday but ya got lucky with that one Flash. Oct 28, 2014 21:59:12 GMT -5
Moscow Red Army: And that's the last time that I put Downie in for Tarasenko. Flu bug my ass. Oct 28, 2014 22:44:36 GMT -5
Caroline Kifekillers: Updated trading block Oct 29, 2014 11:21:59 GMT -5
Dynamo Atlanta: The injuries just keep piling up for ol' Dynamo. Oct 29, 2014 13:54:56 GMT -5
Dynamo Atlanta: Macdonald, Chara, and Hedman last week, and Backes this week. Oct 29, 2014 13:55:31 GMT -5 *
Caroline Kifekillers: hmmmm second in season stats, but 7th in the league Oct 29, 2014 18:56:08 GMT -5
Caroline Kifekillers: weird Oct 29, 2014 18:56:13 GMT -5
Finnish Flash: ^That's because you were the second stop on the Beatdown Tour! Oct 29, 2014 19:20:25 GMT -5
Mandalore Mythosaurs: So, I am losing 1-10 (YIKES!!) and get news that TJ Oshie is out indefinitely with concussion symptoms... awesome. Who else has a near all-IR replacement team? :D Oct 30, 2014 12:08:05 GMT -5
Mandalore Mythosaurs: Besides Dynamo, who chimed in above. I feel ya, brother. Oct 30, 2014 12:08:51 GMT -5
Caroline Kifekillers: hahahaha yeah got beaten down hard Oct 30, 2014 13:28:51 GMT -5
Caroline Kifekillers: oh man had a dream last night that Chris Neil got 80 PIM in one game, and I had him benched Oct 30, 2014 13:42:18 GMT -5
Moscow Red Army: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oct 30, 2014 18:28:06 GMT -5
Moscow Red Army: I laughed out loud to that, then came back to it, and it made me laugh out loud again. Oct 30, 2014 18:28:37 GMT -5
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